Join us at Tweed Heads on Sat 6th Jun at 07:30 PM

Free community event

Light refreshments provided 
In between and after sessions
For more information: 

  1. DOES GOD EXIST? - If you’re a human being, then you’ve wrestled with this question atsome point. If God exists, is that good news or bad news? How would it impact your life? Peter presents some answers that may surprise you.
  2. IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN TRUST? - Do we live in post truth environment, where all we have is fake news and corporate corruption? Or is it still possible to find a reliable source of information and counsel? Peter presents the solution that millions around the globe depend upon.
  3. DID WE REALLY EVOLVE? - Are all the complex, organised life forms on this planet a result of chance or design? As humans are we nothing more than highly developed animals? Come and see a presentation that will challenge your thinking on the origins of life.
  4. WHY SO MUCH SUFFERING? - If God exists, then why does He allow bad things to happen to good people? Peter will challenge you with evidence of not only a loving and powerful God, but also a reasonable explanation as to why suffering exists for now.
  5. THE JESUS MYTH? - Greatest hoax in history or the answer to the world’s problems? Wise man, myth, or messiah? Peter presents ancient predictions, incredible claims and compelling evidence about Jesus Christ for you to consider.
  6. RESURRECTION: FACT OR FANTASY? - Is the resurrection story a fable from long ago? A legend developed to create a new religion? Is there any evidence that a first century carpenter from Nazareth actually rose from the dead?


Peter Watts

Originally from the UK, Peter Watts was an atheist until his mid-twenties when he had an encounter with God and began to explore the bigger questions of life. He says, ‘I wanted to know, “Is this all there is? What was the meaning of life? Is there a God, and if so, what does that mean for my life and for those I care about?”’ Peter is now an international speaker presenting regularly on philosophy, current global trends and spirituality. He has lived in Australia for the past 20 years with his wife and their son.
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